Channel Islands Health Insurance

Do I Need Private Medical Insurance For The Channel Islands?

If you are simply visiting the islands for a short period of time, such as a holiday or business trip then you do not need Private Health Insurance. However, you should seriously consider taking out a travel insurance policy to prevent the risk of incurring medical expenses whilst visiting the islands, as the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) does not apply here. As a resident of the Channel Islands, there are schemes and services available which can reduce the cost of medical treatment. However, they do not have their own version of the NHS so for proper peace of mind a comprehensive private medical insurance policy is highly advisable. Quick Quote

Living In The Channel Islands?

As an insurance brokerage regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission (GIMB0256), Baker Hudson Health offer a variety of health insurance policies tailored specifically to people living in the Channel Islands. We understand that the requirements of Island clients will differ from people based in England. In our time dealing with clients in Jersey and Guernsey we have found many people have insurance that does not suit their requirements and doesn’t consider their unique situation. We work with a wide panel of insurers; some of which offer specific ‘Island Plans’ which include return trips to the mainland for treatment and cover for GP fees.

Finding Appropriate Solutions For You

Insurance companies are not able to give advice to their customers which can often mean they do not fully understand what their policy offers and whether it is suitable for their requirements. At Baker Hudson Health we have found that Channel Island residents are often unsure as to whether they require an international, UK or Island plan. We specialise in advising our clients which policy will provide the cover they need; in turn saving time and money. We work with international and UK providers to ensure we always have an appropriate solution. If you are considering a private health insurance policy for the first time in the Channel Islands, you should seek advice from a specialist broker like ourselves who can help explain the benefits you could expect.

Free Of Charge Review

If you have an existing private health insurance policy, you could also benefit from speaking to one of our specialist health insurance advisers. We offer a free of charge review no matter how complex your medical history and situation may be. Many of our clients believed they wouldn’t be eligible to change insurer whilst maintaining cover for pre-existing conditions however, after completing the process were pleasantly surprised.

Hassle Free & Suited To Your Specific Needs

Reviewing your health insurance with Baker Hudson Health is hassle free and could result in reducing your payments significantly. We believe loyalty should be rewarded and ensure you never pay more than you need to whilst receiving the most comprehensive insurance suitable to your specific needs.


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