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Why Private Health Insurance

Potential Benefits of Private Health Insurance

Although our NHS plays a critical role in the UK health industry and its laudable primary target aims to provide anyone with appropriate treatment within 18 weeks of referral, it nevertheless remains a service that is under heavy pressure. Financial constraints created by an ageing population, the rising cost of advanced treatments, and inappropriate funding models have created a climate of NHS uncertainty. That, together with widespread political disagreement about the future shape of publicly funded health provision, has increased unease and doubt. Those seeking choice, peace of mind and the best care options, should remember that private medical insurance offers a sensible alternative to public health care (including private cancer cover), which guarantees speedy access to high-quality diagnosis and specialist treatment when you need it the most.

As well as the advantage of fast-track appointments, which bypass regulated time-frames and NHS uncertainty, private medical insurance also brings you a choice of location for your hospital treatment, plus the added luxury of your own private room and en-suite facilities. This not only ensures home comforts and welcome privacy during your stay, but will also allow you to stay in close contact with your family and friends – including unrestricted visiting times.

Be In Control Of Your Treatment

Opting for private medical insurance means that, rather than relying upon an understandably limited NHS, you will be in control of your treatment and thus free to choose the best care to meet your needs, without being subject to public-sector constraints and extended waiting times. In addition, during your private hospital care you will have access to a much-enhanced range of all the latest drugs and advanced medical procedures, to ensure you always receive the most effective treatment for your condition.

Those who consider private health care to be a markedly superior option, also point out that the much-reported risk of infection via hospital superbugs, such as MRSA and C. difficile, is a phenomenon almost exclusively restricted to NHS hospitals and virtually unknown in the private health care sector.

Extended Medical Support

With private cancer cover or a heart condition you will be able to rely on extended support during any prolonged course of treatment. As well as receiving the best care available from specialist consultants, you will also have round-the-clock access to dedicated medical staff, who will respond to any questions you may have about your condition and treatment.

Changes to your outpatient requirements that are not covered by your insurance policy will affect your access to physiotherapy, a chiropractor or other specialists. We can help if this should arise and provide you with the choices that are more relevant to your situation. Your private medical cover can be extended to cover a whole range of outpatient consultations, referrals and sophisticated diagnostic tests to protect your health and well-being.

It is hard to think of a better investment than your own well-being, so isn’t it time you requested a quote for private medical insurance! Please give us a call or fill out our no-obligation Quick Quote ­­form.


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