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International Private Health Insurance

International Health Insurance Advice

Whether you are planning to study in the US, pursue your career in the Gulf States or enjoy the sun in a European holiday home, you should not have to worry about your health care.

At Baker Hudson Health Ltd, we can advise you on the most suitable international health insurance policy for your requirements from a range of products from trusted health insurance providers.

Having international health insurance is not a luxury but an essential: for some countries, such as the Gulf States, health insurance is mandatory for visitors and residents. In a medical emergency, you will not only have the reassurance of knowing that your medical expenses are covered but also that you are receiving the best medical treatment available.

Potential Advantages Of International Health Insurance

  • Keeping costs down:¬†Medical bills can quickly rise while travelling or living in a different country.
  • Access: International health cover is particularly important if you are in a country with both public and private levels of medical care as it allows you to access the best treatment without any worries about how to finance it.
  • Choice: Local health insurance policies often restrict you to being treated in the area where you took out your insurance or to a pre-selected network of doctors and treatment centres. With an international health insurance policy, you have the flexibility to choose a hospital, doctor and appointment time that meets your requirements.
  • Faster treatment: in countries where there is a good public health system, as in the UK, services tend to be over-subscribed and waiting lists can be very long. With international cover, you can be sure of getting treatment when you need it and avoiding a long wait.
  • Language: Treatment at an international medical centre can be the only way you can be treated by a doctor who speaks your own language. Such an institution is usually expensive but international cover will allow you to receive treatment there without worrying about the cost.

International health insurance allows you to receive medical treatment worldwide or in whichever zone or region you opt for – there are cost implications here, as it is cheaper if your policy excludes cover in the US and Canada, for example. If you travel a great deal or move from one country to another frequently, worldwide cover is the solution, as the insurance travels with you and you will be covered for any country or region specified in your policy.

Finding The Most Appropriate International Health Insurance For You

Obtaining the most suitable policy depends very much on your individual needs. At Baker Hudson Health Ltd, we provide you with advice on insurance contracts and believe we have the expertise to help you find the most appropriate international health cover from selected providers. To find out more, please call us on 01453 297 100 or fill out our no obligation Quick Quote Form.


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